A turn-of-the-century restaurant

with classic home-style flavors


Our Story and Philosophy

Gléda reinvents and modernizes turn-of the-century style hospitality. It offers classic, home-style flavors paired with modern kitchen technology and a friendly atmosphere. Gléda is a family-oriented restaurant at its finest. Creating Gléda was about establishing an easy-going atmosphere for guests, but ensuring precision and attention-to-detail in every meal and experience.

Our dream was to create a restaurant that represents everything we believe about hospitality. This is our passion. This is Gléda.

János Deli




About Us

János Deli

The Innkeeper & Owner

I’m the third generation in my family who has worked in hospitality. My grandfather, József Kári, opened a family restaurant in the 1930s in Vecsés, a little town about an hour from Budapest. After WWII he rebuilt it, but he lost the restaurant when everything became state-owned. Thanks to my uncle, there was always some kind of restaurant running in the family so I grew up in this environment. I started my career in a hotel, working my way up from being a bellboy to the hotel manager. I learned and experienced a lot even at a young age. But, I wanted adventure and to gain even more experience, and this led me to England. Thanks to luck and fate I started working at Heston Blumnethal’s The Hind’s Head in Bray. After a short time I became a manager there and I could see first-hand how a professional gastro company was run. During my time in England I also worked at restaurants like The Royal Oak Paley Street and Cliveden House, which is Michelin-starred. I worked with incredible professionals like chefs Garrey Dawson, Martin Blunos, and Dominic Chapman.


After I returned home to Hungary, I worked at the restaurant Csalogány26 and, at the young age of 28, I was the manger at the restaurant called Aranyszarvas. There, together with chef Gábor Mogyorósi, in record time we helped make Aranyszarvas one of Hungary’s top 10 restaurants. The next step for me was a very momentous one. I spent five years as the manager at MÁK Bistro. These were great years and we were able to achieve a lot. I also tried my hand at restauranteering in regional Hungary, and was able to built up a successful brand for MÁRGA Bistro.
As a consultant, I’ve helped many other restaurants and businesses over the years. I like helping young people and those who are open and willing to learn. This profession is always changing and it’s important to keep growing and developing. There’s always a new direction to take, and new challenges to take on. This is my life.